Unit 105 Studio Practice in Photography - Final Outcomes

Expressive Studio Portraiture

For my expressive portraitures, my initial idea was to get in several models and make them wear a headwear to hide their facial features except their eyes.. In the news there is always debate with certain religious groups covering their faces except the eyes. I wanted to focus on their eyes because I believe most of your expressions come from your eyes and not necessarily the face so in my images I am attempting to convey this theory.  I used brightly coloured materials and colours swapped the image in photoshop to make it look more unique.

For my second shoot for expensive projects I decided to go for more of a emotional response. I decided to get models to demonstrate different emotions and photograph it as a series of headshots.








Open Studio Lighting Brief

This is an idea that I have wanted to try and experiment with for a while. I have used continuous lighting system so that I was able to increase the shutter speed to very high settings such as 1/2000th a second to ensure that I captured the 'splash'. I used a black background to make the fruit stand out from the background and had to take more shots than usual to capture the precise moment the fruit created the splash. I have seen this done for product photography in the past and I am happy with my results and have created a gallery of these images in my website to demonstrate that I can photograph products photography and also think that this series would be good for a campaign on healthy eating.

Portable Location Lighting

For these images I use a DSLR camera, Speed of light attached to a soft box and a reflector to bounce back the light loss. I deliberately shot on a sunny day for two reasons natural lighting and in the background you can see these circles of light these are produced when Light hits a shiny object and is blown out of focus. For me I used multiple different cars and a dumpster. One thing I failed to achieve was to get a Slight in the eyes of the model this is where a small circle in the eyes of the model.