Unit 116 Photographic Materials, Techniques & Technology - Digital Techniques & Software

light trails

Light Trails are some of the easiest style to recreate what's hard about this style is trying to find unique ways in creating trains rather than just photographing a busy street. All you need to had to create a light-rail is a digital DSLR camera Set to a slow shutter speed, a sturdy tripod to prevent camera shake and for it to be nighttime. When photographing light-rail is you have two options either to find a light source to create them or to create your own light source with using either flares sparklers or just a torch.

The bottom photographs are some of my own examples of light trails. I try to incorporate fast moving lights with calm water as a parallel in me image.


Photoshop is photo editing. Originally created by Adobe for simple digital photo editing. It is widely used by all types of digital artists from graphics designers to photographers. Photoshop is A great tool to use for a broad approach to creating pieces of artwork. i have used it many time and have created some amazing pieces of work.


Lightroom Is also a photo editing software designed by Adobe however the main difference from Lightroom to Photoshop is that Lightroom has been designed in the mind of a photographer. 

It does have a few things from Photoshop like levels adjusting brightness and so on but Lightroom allows you to edit a large chunk of images in the same way in a matter of seconds. Where as Photoshop you would have to to take a long period of time and there is no guarantee that all the images are edited the exact same way. Where as Lightroom can do that.