Unit 104 Lens Based Recording Techniques - Final Outcomes

Experimental Darkroom Techniques

These photographs are for my darkroom techniques. For my first technique I developed the image in a normal way with using the enlarger to expose the image onto light-sensitive paper then developing it normally I then got a second piece of paper used the larger like I did previously but I painted the developer in certain areas whilst the light was shining on it I then used my first image as a guideline of what I wish to reveal. My second technique is just using a sharp object like a nail to scratch out parts of the image, for example, you could scratch out the eyes of a headshot to make it look more creepy or you can enhance the edges of an object like I have done. The first technique is similar to double exposures except for I overlapped to pieces of film and inserted them into the enlarger this probably was the most tricky one to do because of the increased density of what you're making and getting the correct exposure time.


These are my shots that I did for urbanisation I did a free shoot for this project to in Liverpool and one in Wales. I went out with the intention of trying to be noticed and capturing people in their daily lives I didn't want them to see the camera and change their behaviour so occasionally what I did or wait in a certain spot hold of my can be tended to go through my images or settings and to the subject believes that I wasn't going to take a photo and then wants they got comfortable with the situation I took the photograph sometimes this worked sometimes this doesn't. My favourite a bench is the one with the American psycho art on the wall with the old man walking past it as you can see a clear divide between the wall art and the old man through a lamppost creating a natural division in the picture I like this because of how expressive and eye-catching the Walmart is mixed with this slow bald man.

Documentary Photography

For my documentation project, I decided to go for a subject that is well known and a serious problem, especially in today's climate homelessness. Threesome my I chose this is because one I wanted to try something that was out of my comfort bubble meaning that I am not fond of talking to random people off the street and get quite nervous. Too I wanted to create a series that was quite serious in its tone. Like I said earlier I am not someone who feels comfortable talking to people and can get quite uncomfortable and nervous however I did approach one or two people and took pictures, however, most of them are just me quickly getting a shot of that person. My favourite image is of the Greek lady holding a musical instrument you can see all the detail in her face with all the wrinkles and you can just imagine hearing her accent and her playing the instrument in this picture.