Unit 105 Studio Practice in Photography - Health and Safety

Health and Safety for the Studio

One of the key thing to do whilst in the studio is before ill Marshall or make-up artists or anybody else turns up set up the studio and the lighting to how you want it to avoid wasting any time. This will allow you to check if any equipment is faulty.

  1. Only people that need to be in the studio should be there.
  2. Be careful of loose wires use duct tape to fasten the wires to the floor so no one trips them up.

  3. Be careful of changing different lights as the ball will be hot.

  4. Do not eat or drink whilst in the studio unless instructed otherwise.

  5. When dealing with animals make sure you have an assistant to help you with them.

  6. When giving instructions make sure to see them loud and clearly so that the person does not get confused

  7. Never leave the studio unattended

Health and Safety for Location

Working on location is a whole different ball game to working in a studio. In a studio, you would have control over you however on location your environment could change dramatically out of nowhere so it is important to be prepared for anything.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings 
  2. have a clear goal in what you wish to prevent confusion
  3. Make sure everybody involved in the shoot understands their part and what time they need to arrive at the location

  4. scout out the location beforehand just in case, it is in a dangerous area or you need to bring extra equipment because of the area

  5. Plan your shoot according to the weather because you don't want to be trying to do a shoot in the middle of a hail storm

  6. Avoid hazardous areas such as construction sites and busy roads

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are very different and diverse depending on what you are doing, what the risks are and what you wish to avoid. They can be quite handy to have especially when you're dealing with a large operation and need to ensure that no one is injured during the event.

They normally consist of tables and headings one of them would be about the dangers of the environment in which you Word list all the hazardous things.

The second table might include who is eligible to get injured and how it would happen.

The third table might be about what you wish to achieve or what you are currently doing.

The fourth table might be about how you will avoid causing any accidents. Sometimes there can be fifth table but it is not necessary this table may include how your risk assessment went.

There are multiple diagrams and tables online in which you can download to help you for example.

In the case of accidents in the studio remember to call 999 and assist the injured person as best as you can until help arrives.