Unit 105 Studio Practice in Photography | Ideas and Inspiration


This is a year long unit that has 3 tasks assigned to it. After prior learning on the level 3 course I am aware of the possibilities of studio photography and feel confident with certain aspects of lighting and equipment. A photographic studio allows for high levels of creativity and lighting to produce commercially viable images on almost an genre and theme within photography.

In this unit I will have a greater understanding of studio techniques, lighting setups, studio equipment, high key and low key, location shooting, speed lights and non related technical aspects such as communication skills and dealing with models and sets The 3 tasks are Expressive Portraiture; an open studio brief and an open location lighting brief.


Expressive Studio Portraiture

The first task involve getting to the heart of the model from an expressive point of view. I have in the past photographed models and the expression to the key element of a portrait and needs the photographer to have skill in communicating and making the model feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

The lighting can be pre-determined before the shoot but is integral in setting the mood; do I need hard light to exaggerate the lines and wrinkles on a face or do I do the opposite and use soft lighting that will be skin friendly. The strength and direction of the light also plays its part to determining the mood so I will experiment beforehand on my fellow students or friends to establish what lighting and background it the best for each model that I bring in.

My aim is to shoot expressive portraitures from a variety of different models, shoot multiple location shoots and with a variety in perspective and shooting angles.

Below is a Pintrest board that I have created to visually search the theme. I find that Pintrest is a good entry point to help me generate initial ideas into a theme and acts as an inspiration board for me to continually refer to as the project progresses.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.31.40.png

Jonas Jensen:    http://www.jonasj.com/

After finding Jonas Jensen in a fashion magazine I was inspired by the work and intrigued to find out more about the style of this photographer.

Beauty photographer Jonas Jensen was born in Denmark in 1975. She is an excellent photographer who works extremely well with her model and make-up artists In a way that I don't think many other photographers could replicate. I find her work inspiring and extremely creative in the way she positions the model, the make-up she uses and what type of clothing the model should wear. Looking at her work and makes me want to try and achieve a fraction of her level of quality. My favourite piece is the one with the eye.

Studio Lighting I came across this product photography in which the photographer would drop the object which they wanted to photograph normally it is vegetables and fruit and take the photo just as it hit the water. From what I figured out the photographers have dropped the food from a great height creating a large splash to make it easier to photograph I have also decided to use a fish tank to contain the water. I like how the photographers have used colourful fruits and vegetables to make it more appealing and eye-catching.

Annie Leibovitz: 

Is a world-renowned photographer huge in the fashion and modelling industry some of her famous work is photographing the Queen and doing multiple shoots in the style of Walt Disney classics? Her more recent work is a photo shoot for Star Wars the last Jedi. As you probably can see some of the more famous pieces are location shoots. She has done studio shoots however I personally prefer her location shoots because the place where she shooting ads content to the image.

Dylan Patrick | Cinematic Headshots

Is a photographer based in LA where he does what he calls cinematic headshots which are used in actors portfolios to show in Interviews and Auditions. Personally, I CDs headshot as good but basic and what I mean by that is that these photos are quite easily achieved by just using one or two-speed lights and a reflector. However, because of where he is based in LA there are a lot of wannabe actors and actresses who need headshot so the demand for this kind of shots is very high which creates a sustainable business practice.