Unit 104 Lens Based Recording Techniques - Compare And Contrast

Experimental Darkroom Techniques


The top image is my own image and the bottom image is the artists that I was inspired by to create my own image. As you can see we both use the same technique in The darkroom by using a sharp object to scratch the image however I used it to enhance the edges of certain parts of the images Where as the artist has used it to scratch out the models faces to create an eerie effect.



I believe these two images are the same because both me and the photographer have photographed I have a person just coming around the daily lives and using interesting bright colours to attract the audience's attention to the image one of the differences between my image and photographers image is that the photographers in which is more of a relaxed state of mind where as mine is more lively and in-your-face image.

Documentary Photography


I believe these two images match together in quite an obvious way both me and the photographer I have photographed an old woman who appears to be homeless. We both tried to focus on the facial expressions getting naughty details with the wrinkles than anything else the only differences I can see all that the photographer has got a headshot so whereas I caught a more inclusive shot where I included the woman's instrument to give more of a story and understanding of what the situation was.