Unit 113 Fashion/Unit 112 Location Photography

For this unit I will attempt to understand and learn practical skills related to unit 112 location and unit 113 fashion. The skills can vary to finding a suitable location for a fashion shoot, lighting equipment, choice of model, inspiration from other fashion photographers and style. In this unit I have been briefed on creating a summer fashion shoot by using different models and different locations As well as a studio shoot.

This is a mood board with some ideas of how to stylise my shots. I have tried to keep it in line with summer clothing and warm lighting. I tried to go for a mixture of different angle bridging from direct shots of the model to our angles.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 09.41.09.png

Artist Research 1

Mario Testino is a fashion photographer that well known throughout the industry creating amazing shoots Incredible detail. Sometimes he will be commissioned to work with famous celebrities to create a series of energetic and fun shoots to either advertise something that the celebrity is doing or for the celebrities profile. The photography shoot that I enjoy from his work is (VITTORIA CERETTI AND ANSEL ELGORT AMERICAN VOGUE, SEPTEMBER 2017) I find this collection to be stunning in its visual and creative outlook on fashion depicting his two models in a barren wasteland wearing the opposite of what you would think someone would wear out there. This adds to grabbing the audiences attention to the image. The location itself adds to the aesthetic and mood of the series. I will look for suitable ‘mood locations’ in my own work.

The first image is beautifully composed with the model standing in a abandoned broken doorframe that seems to be in the middle of the desert. I love how the photographer has direct model to stare directly into the camera giving sort of a enquiry look. The photographer has opted to use quite striking and colourful clothing that is blowing in the wind I suspect that he has done this by using two separate farms one Touplo the close to a different direction to the hair. The lighting appears to be available light, possibly with the use of a reflector to bounce light into the models face.

The second image is directly showing off the model and what she's wearing. As you can tell in all of these images of photographer has used the dust in the desert to add to the overall mood. I personally do not like this effect as it is too distracting although a can appreciate that this may have been part of the brief from the magazine..

The third image has the most debris in the photograph this could be due to the fact that the photographer wanted to have this image stand out compared to the others. I love how the image stretches off into the distance going on and on as far as the eye can see giving you the sense of being in the middle of nowhere. The photographer has also used in effect that makes it look like there is dust kicking up off the ground giving it a sort of hazy fail to it so that the audience could imagine how it would feel to be in that environment. The photographer has cleverly used colour in the images correctly, using pink to highlight the clothing and the model as the point of focus as well as using a rustic red and black tyres so that it does not distract from the point of focus.

The last image is one of the more clearer photographs of the series. I love how the photographer has blurred out the background as to bring more attention to the model I believe that he has achieved this by using a wider aperture to get that depth of field. This will be a technique that I use myself once I have decided on the locations I want to use.

I also think that the photographer positioning the model in a relaxed and carefree position works well in showing off the clothing. I believe that the photographer has used some sort of fan 2 blow the hair to the right hand side to give it a more wildside.

In conclusion I believe that this photographer has done exceptionally well in his production of photographs. I love how he sees the contrast between the style of clothing with the harsh desert making it stand out more then other photographers. I believe it is as important as the style of clothing you choose as well as the location you shoot at.

Planning & Shooting on Location

I intend to use my local beach for the backdrop of my location fashion images. It has a large expanse of sand and a pier that I feel will be useful to use. As most fashion shoots require good lighting conditions I will wait until there is a break in the weather and arrange with my model to meet me at the location.

I will take a reflector with me as this can be used to bounce light back into the models face and can be held by her. This will be useful as I do not have an assistant. I will control the available light through my cameras metering system and if necessary I will switch between matrix, centre and spot metering. Another way of exposing for the highlights if the lighting is very bright is to use the exposure compensation dial. This allows you to take out, or add in exposure in extreme lighting brightness ranges.

Other equipment that I could use, other than different lenses, would be portable lighting such as speedlights. This can be useful, although I prefer to use a reflector.

Local Photographer - Lily Kate France

Lily Kate France model and Joli House model use Formby beach as there location for the fashion photography this gives the images a summary happy and energetic look towards their images. It is my goal to produce a photographic series where I use a model in a beach environment. I like how they've used the environment to their effect of telling the audience that this is a summer suit. I believe the key to producing a summer fashion shoot is lighting of course using summer ask clothing and location is also a good way to show off a summer fashion shoot however I believe if you use the correct lighting and didn't have the correct location or clothing you could still show it off as a summer suit.

Shooting on location for fashion is a difficult task to undertake but planning and understanding what you want out of your shoot will make your task a whole lot easier. For me I wanted to do a summer fashion photography shoot which meant I was looking for bright sunny sky's, warm beaches, colourful amusement parks if I was doing a winter shoots I'd probably focus more on snowy woods or a vintage old house with a fireplace in the background it all depends on what you wish to achieve. I decided to go for a beach approach with clear sunny Skies.


This is my contact sheet for the fashion shoot I did at Crosby beach using a Canon D70 with a zoom lens and optional reflector (the gold side, to add warm light)

I have attempted different set ups and used different equipment depending on the conditions I had on the day. I hope I have achieved what I wanted: a summer, fun energetic fashion shoot. I have quite simply used available lighting and a light reflector to bounce back any light.

If natural lighting isn't working for your shoot you can use speed lights to produce the type of lighting you wish to have. You can have multiple speed-light setups remotely on tripods with different attachments like a light-box or a beauty dish. Say if you're mortal was slightly silhouetted on her outlining of her hair you could use a speed-light to fix that problem or you could use a reflector.

During my shoot I used a variety of equipment such as a Canon DSLR with a 55mm lens, a Nikon DSLR with a 35 mm and an 85mm lens. I also used a reflector on my first location shoot using it to bounce light back into the model to prevent her from turning into a silhouette. I also used my location to enhance my photographic practices such as using a wooden structure and a wooden sand wall to lead as leading lines towards my model. I also deliberately left empty spaces for advertisements to be placed in without covering the model.



After my photo shoot, I imported my images as raw files into Lightroom. There I decided to alter the image by applying filters and adjusting light levels and composite. From this shoot I choose 8 images that showed off the best of my work.

1st Shoot

I believe I have produced a good standard photo shoot that falls in line with the set brief. I decided to choose Crosby beach due to the nature of the brief instructing us to create a energetic ‘Summertime’ fashion shoot. Using natural sunlight and a reflector to bounce the light back into the model to prevent her from turning into a silhouette and to highlight her clothing. I have used the pier to my advantage and the natural lines in the wood to help with composition and the framing. I feel that these could add to an editorial layout and they also help to set the scene.

The first image is quite a simplistic shot with natural lighting and a direct focus on the bottom. I positioned the model in sort of a relaxed position to give off a natural looking vibe then a stilted awkward position. This gives it a sort of vibe that anyone could wear these clothes. I love how the wind has managed to flick her hair up giving some movement in the image. I don't like how in the background you can see a wooden pole structure which sticks out and is a little bit of an eyesore.

For the second image, I decided to shoot a landscape shot to show off some of the locations and give the impression of a summer day at the beach. The model is in a similar position but with more of a straight back and different hand position if I was to shoot this again I would have had her in a more relaxed position because she looks too uncomfortable. I do like how she still stands out from the image showing off her clothing.

This third image is one of my favourite images that I produced during this shoot. I've used a leading line from the wooden barricade to lead up to the model and positioned myself lower down looking up towards the model. All of this is used to show off the model and the clothing. I deliberately left empty spaces so that if used in advertisement they could add logos and text to the image if needed. If I was to do this shot again I would try and have her hair blow in one direction instead of some of it blowing in her face.

The fourth image is a similar one to the third image however I decided to shoot a landscape as to produce more with an empty space for advertisements to add text and logos. I do like, however, the detail of the clothing in this image. I also like how this allows the audience to see the clothing at different angles.

The fifth image is of the model standing close-up to the wooden structure that we saw in the first image. I did this because I wanted to produce a variety of images instead of just having her sit on the beach. If I was to shoot this image again I would have changed my position too much lower down instead of directly shooting from eye level.

The 6th image is still at the wooden structure on the beach however I have tried to interact with the environment creating a frame within the image. I did this to break up the mould of standard shots of the model. I do like how I have positioned the model in the centre of the frame as well as having her hands on her hip giving a sort of I don't care vibe. If I was to shoot this image again I will try and have her hairless wild but however, it is quite difficult to control the weather.

The 7th images of her standing directly underneath and in the centre of the frame using the wooden beams almost like they are converging onto the model. I decided to shoot from a lower angle to give the impression that the model is more important than anything else in the image. That idea also goes with her modelling as she's standing like she is someone important. Unfortunately yet again the wind has blown her hair in her face which detracts from her clothing.

The last image is an image done when testing out a reflector to stop the model from turning into a silhouette, however, due to shooting into the sun I have created some natural lens flare and I really like this outcome.

The laying the wardrobe images could be used online to help promote the beach images.

Model portfolio

For the second shooting task I had to create a model portfolio. I used the photo studio and studio lighting.

This is my 2nd model portfolio shoot. For this one, I decided to use a studio with one softbox lighting coming from the right-hand side. I used a Nikon DSLR as well as a Nikon 35 mm and a Nikon 85mm lens.

For the first image, I positioned the model to be sitting on a table whilst resting her arm on her leg. This gives off a sort of stoic and sophisticated look for the model. I like how the lighting gives a sort of golden glow to her face as well as having half of her face covered in shadows giving a mysterious vibe to her also love the use of colour between the Golden sunshine like lighting and the attention seeking red makes this image stand out.

For the second image, I had the model sitting on a stool with her arms crossed this gives us a good contrast between the first image where she was sophisticated and confident to intimidated and isolated. I achieve this by using empty space and body language. I like how you sort of get a Rembrandt style from the lighting I also would like how she is looking away from the camera as if to say that she doesn't want to be seen.

The third image is of the model leaning on the table giving a sort of in your face don't care vibe. Noticed I've tried to achieve all different aspects of emotions and emphasize them through body language this image is no different as I try to give the impression as the model was trying to invade the audiences personal space.

The fourth image is yet again a complete contrast to the last image where I had the modern standing normally as she smiled towards the camera. This gives off a charming, happy, kind vibe to the audience. for this shot, I try to go as basic as possible with just a normal stand and warm kind emotions to show the audience. If I was to do this shot again I would have used a second light or a reflector to bounce more light back on to the left-hand side.

The fifth photo is of the model sitting on the table with her legs crossed and her arms backwards. This is probably one of my favourite images as it is the motto just calmly sitting there patiently as she looks like she is remembering old happy memories and smiling to her self. This is another image where the colour bounces out and grabs the audience between the warm red to the innocent white. However, this is also another image where I wished I used more or different lighting techniques.

For my last image, I had the model standing up with her left arm on her hip and having her right arm resting on her leg as she stared directly into the camera. This does repeat the third image of I don't care sort of emotion but taken from a different perspective highlighting that you can show the same emotion from different perspectives. For this image I think the Rembrandt style of lighting works really well in enhancing what type of emotion the audience should get from the model.


Screenshot 2.png

When editing the headshots I did not want to over produce them as I was afraid to lose the emotions that I managed to capture from the shoot. I was however afraid that the images were not high Enough quality from when I was observing them through the camera they did not look like very high-quality images. I imported the images into Lightroom from there I changed the shadows and highlights as well as the clarity and whites.

For this fashion and location project, I have learnt a lot about the industry and methods to go about producing a fashion as a photographer and the lighting and settings that go into producing work of a high quality. Although I really have a personal distaste for fashion photography I have still come away from this project learning about the ins and outs of this unit and have enjoying the location scouting and lighting part that was specific to the location unit.

The reason why I have such a dislike for fashion photography is that I do not feel in control. Their is a lot of circumstances and preparation; such as getting the model, weather, location e.g. where someone doesn't disturb you and your own personal self and confidence between you and the model.

With fashion photography creativity is important and also communication skills. There are a lot of elements that need to come together and the photographer probably needs to be outgoing in their personality. I much prefer to be shooting landscape or working in the studio as the type of photography that works for me does not necessarily involve people. The main reason why I don't like location fashion photography is that it's not just you working towards creating a series of images it's also the model. Now the first thing you have to deal with it is how to get a model. there are websites available such as ‘Purpleport’, which photographers and models can help find each other to work. However, everybody on that site wanted to get paid and being a student I don't have that much money so hiring a model was out of the question.

Once you do somehow to find a model there are questions and situations to undertake, such as: arranging to meet up, what to charge or work for prints, and the complete styling of the shoot to achieve the desired look in meeting the brief. Right now I hope you can see why I prefer photographing landscapes then fashion.

I did, however, produce a location fashion photographic series Crosby Beach. At the start, this shoot was a little bit rocky due to how windy the weather was and how difficult it can be to communicate with a model in an unfamiliar environment. However, I gritted my teeth and tried my best, although I believe there is still room for improvements. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the model back due to personal issues so I was forced to use a different person to do the model portfolio.

Final Outcomes in an Editorial Context

A was introduced to Canva, a graphic layout site that I have used to create mock up layouts for my beach shoot. These could be used for promotional campaigns by the clothing company.

Off the rack_insta.png
'off the rack'.png
'off the rack'.png

I do understand the significance and importance of fashion and location photography and even like some of the fashion photographers work taking inspiration from there's and incorporating it into my own way, as I believe that you should try to take inspiration from everything including subjects that you do not enjoy.