Unit 108 Advertising Photography


For this unit I will be studying food photography and album covers. For the food photography I will be looking at chocolate and sandwiches e.g. anything that includes bread such as hotdogs burgers and of course sandwiches. 

Mood board

This is my mood board for my chocolate shoot. This helps me David inspiration for my shoots that I will do.

Nadine Greeff

Is a food photographer who emphasizes on simplicity rather than having too much gone on in the image, the phrase less is more comes to mind with this person's images.

The first image is of a baguette sandwich with I believe meatballs and sprinkles of cheese almost like snow. SMH we can clearly see his use of not having too much going on in the image and focusing on the food. I like how the photographer has used soft colours like the blue mixed with the Golden yellow bread. This gives off the impression of light and healthy food even though the food is a cheesy meatball baguette.

The second image is of a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing as well as a Blackberry sitting on top with a couple on the side. Yes again we can see the simplistic style of the photographer coming out. I believe the photographer has used a reflective surface giving us the impression of clean and sophisticated. Although that you wouldn't normally see blackberries and a chocolate cupcake the imagery compliment suffer with the dark colours along with the sharp lighting.

This image is of brownies resting on a cooling rack with cocoa powder sprinkled around as well as an assortment of blueberries almost haphazardly placed in the image. This image is probably the most complicated a most going on that I found in this photographers portfolio of food photography however it's still has a simplistic edge with using one or two colours to emphasise sophistication. I think this image would work great for marks and Spencer's or a shop similar to that.

The last image is what I think to be chocolate mousse. I love how the photographer has set up a sort of swell in the chocolate drawing the audiences I to the food almost naked you wish you could have it now. The photographer has used a mixture of dark brownish colours and warm golden colour. Complement each other as if the photographer was to use for example bright neon green it would detract from the food.

David Griffen

David Griffen Is a food photographer who photographs food for cookbooks menus and product placement and plenty more. He distinctively he uses light bright colours and soft lighting to promote his images to make them look more appetising.

First images of a burger with green crispy lettuce, melted smooth cheese, red bright tomatoes, delicious looking red onions and sweet juicy pickles on top all decorated with Peppa. The top half of the sun is removed show off everything inside as well as a handful of onion rings almost glowing golden due to the lighting. I love how the photographer has managed to make food glow in this image I believe he's done this by his lighting and also using oil or melted butter to spray onto the food to give that nice glossy look almost like it's just came off the grill.

The second image is of too hot dogs sitting in weaved baskets almost making you picture a picnic of some sort. The photographer has a photograph the subject from above showing us what inside the hot dog and using the display to its maximum effect. The hot dog is wrapped around a Chequered red and white napkin drawing Focus towards the food. On top of the hot dog is the classic american mustard with sour cream and finely chopped lettuce and onions. Again the photographer has used colourful lighting to bring out the flavour which you can imagine from the image I also like how the photographers decided to take the image from above giving it a more unique styal to the edge.

The first photograph is of a chocolate brownie with whipped cream and sea salt. The image is of a company of two photographs splice together to create a dynamic image showing off the detail in the food and how you can display it in a cafe or shop. I love how the photographer has splice two images together to show off the product to its maximum effect proving that you can take more than just one image to create a body of work.

The fourth image is probably his best photograph I found in his work. Photographs of a double cheeseburger with tomato ketchup lettuce melted yellow cheese and fried onions topped with a seeded crusted bum in the background you have some crispy yellow price and a pint making the image look even more appetising. his use of colour and space makes the image more appealing to the eye making the customer want to order the food.

My chocolates Shoots

This was my first shoot that was connected to the chocolate brief. for all of these shots are used a lightbox which is a medium sized cube with three sides of light transparent cloth that was coloured white and to hardened cloths that were black. I used a variety of objects to create my images such as a piece of marble, a slab of dark wood and a piece of slate I use these as backdrops and placements. I was inspired by a short that was melted chocolate in a copper pan with a single wooden spoon that was taken from above. I decided to create that shot in My Own It image by also using a copper pot and melted chocolate however I decided to take the shot from a lower angle and add additional chocolate to add texture. my second shot was also inspired by another photograph however like the previous image I tried to recreate it in my own image however I could not get the knife balancing standing up so I decided to in a way glue the knife to the back of the chocolate and used in Old coffee pot to help balance it as well.

The first photograph was one I wasn't sure about it photographing those kinds of chocolates are difficult and I had already run out of ideas so it was completely by chance that I created this image but sometimes your best work comes from chance. The second image it was the first idea I had to make using a copper pan to have dripping hot chocolate out of and I really like how the photograph has focused on the broken bit of chocolate. The third image is a similar one style to the second image with the copper pan but this time I used a flake instead of the other chocolate which gives a more interesting texture as well as more visual Style. The last image is probably my favourite one I took inspiration from a photograph with a knife with flakes of chocolate on it however I decided to use at pieces of chocolate that looks like it just been freshly cut this sort of gives an dark atmosphere not just from the lighting but from the use of the knife giving a stylistically dark theme to it.

This is a short behind-the-scenes image from my shoot was used a lightbox and a back of the reflector and 1 LED light which I positioned it from above.


2nd chocolate shoot

My second chocolate shoot with more of an experiment to sort out of see what I could work with and creates with bars of chocolates and just you be creative in my outcomes for better or worse.

I do think there has been some success in these images as well as teaching me more about the craft of product photography with food. My favourite image out of these 4 is probably the third one with the different chocolates from white to milk to dark chocolate stacked on top of each other with flakes appearing at the bottom. However I do wish that I had zoomed in further to make them larger.

Mood Board

This is my mood board to inspire me for my sandwich shoots and take ideas and Concepts from them to try and incorporate in my own work.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 14.22.45.png

Sandwich Shoot

For the sandwich you could probably tell that I was lacking creative idea.

Sandwich Shoot 2

Album Cover mood board

This is the mood board for album cover as you can see I decided to go with an idea that a previous creation of album covers and took the midnight Sky with moon and stars with a Lantern as the only light and primary Focus.


Album Cover shoot

For this shoot, I decided to go to Formby beach at night time to create an album cover which blended the idea of a Lantern sitting silently and alone in the dark night sky. The shoot was a little bit challenging with the LEDs in the lantern not being the strongest as well as the weather not being optimal with it being incredibly windy and freezing cold. As you can imagine the wind was difficult to deal with because of using slow shutter speed. However, I think I managed to create a pretty unique image if I had of done this again I would have tried to go to the beach on a more clear Sky the way you could see the moon.

Final outcome

This is my final outcome for the album cover and you can tell I have edited this image in Lightroom by adjusting the brightness and adding a preset to it. I chose this image because I wanted a photo that I needed sort of isolation and the empty spaces above and below the image allows the person to add their own text.



In conclusion, this unit has been rather challenging with learning new creative ways of coming up with ideas of how to show off a product in a photographic standpoint. I enjoyed the chocolate product shoot using different items and set pieces to create a beautiful looking image that's promotes the Project however I did not enjoy the sandwich product shoot because I did not have any creative ideas in how to show off a sandwich lastly I did enjoy the album cover even though I'm not really a big music fan I decided to create something out of ideas from photography instead of other album covers.