Unit 107: Visual Language in Photography

Understand the role of photography as a visual communication medium

This unit explores the combination of applied research into Tell a lie and Changing Tides. I will be looking at photographers and graphic designers who focus on manipulating imagery and creating something that isn't real but looks real. I should be also looking at photographers who do time-lapse and used slow shutter speed to demonstrate the passage of time. I will also be looking at photographers photographing promises to spread an incorrect message due to their photo being taken out of context either deliberately or by accident.

Tell a lie


Vivek Chaurasia

Is a graphic designer that creates these beautiful masterpieces of a mysterious land with floating pieces of Earth and waterfalls gently flowing from them. I love his images because they incorporate a sense of mystery and wonders almost like you're exploring a foreign land where the rules of Physics don't apply and there's an air of magic around.

Herri Susanto

Is another graphics designer that creates these bent landscapes which allows the audience to see these images in a whole new angle. I love how he's managed to make these changes look naturally like they've always just been like that it's just the Way It Is why you have people walking on vertical surfaces or standing on top of a mountain so close to another part of the world where he could just reach out and touch it giving you the illusion that it's real.


Watercolour paintings are a hugely popular art style that can be incorporated into your design images, but you don’t need to be a master artist to create such imagery. I did this by opening my image in Adobe Photoshop. Right click on the background image layer and select "Convert to Smart Object". I then Head to the "Filter menu" and select "Filter Gallery". Navigate to the Artistic category and select Dry Brush, then change the settings to 10 Brush Size, 10 Brush Detail and 1 Texture. Click OK to apply the effect. Select the Filter Gallery menu option again, making sure not to choose the option at the top, which would reapply the same effect. This time select the Cutout filter and configure the settings to 5 Number of Levels, 4 Edge Simplicity and 1 Edge Fidelity. In the Layers panel I double click the tiny settings icon next to the top Filter Gallery entry. Change the blending mode to Pin Light. I Click the Filter menu again, this time go to Blur > Smart Blur. Enter the settings of 5 Radius, 100 Threshold and change the Quality to High. Double click the settings icon and change the blending mode of the Smart Blur effect to Screen and reduce the opacity to 50%. I Head Filter > Stylize > Find Edges. Edit the Blending Options and change the blending mode to Multiply to render this layer’s background transparent, this will leave just the details of the find edges effect to represent pencil sketch lines. I find a free paper texture. I Copy and Paste the texture into the Photoshop and scale it to size to fit over the canvas. I change the blending mode to Multiply. Download and install this free set of Watercolor Photoshop Brushes. then added a Layer Mask to the Background layer, then I use the ALT+Backspace shortcut to fill the mask with black, which will effectively erase the entire photograph. Select the Brush tool and choose one of the watercolour brushes. Then switch the foreground colour to white in the toolbar, then use the square bracket keys to adjust the size of the brush. I then click around the canvas to restore the photograph with watercolour style bleeding around the edges. After a few clicks, change the brush to an alternative watercolour option and continue restoring the image with a range of watercolour tones to avoid repetition.

My Image

Changing Tides

Rob Whitworth

My images


Lying, lying has been used throughout history to manipulate others to see or believe something that isn't there or something that is out of context but up until recent history lying to convince people of something else has been only telling them or through writing until we invented photography.

Like most things photography has been used in a variety of different ways mostly to express a artists Vision but has been used to get across a political view like when the Syrian refugee 3-year-old child was washed up on a beach in Greece where tourists took pictures of his body and spread it across worldwide making many countries reconsider there immigration policies. This is not an example of photography being used to lie to change someone's way of thinking but an example of how one picture can change so much.

One of the ways that people use photography to lie to the audience is staging a photo where everything in the photograph is all set up and none of it is real I like watching a movie or a TV show and told it is all real when in actuality you would have people directing the shoots actors or even prop designers to make everything look real. Some of the most famous stage photos are ones of mythological monsters such as bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. It is hard to believe that people saw these photos as real that these Monsters existed because these photos were taken and did not cross people's mind until later on that they could have been staged. Perhaps one day in the future people would look at the highly edited photos of celebrities where they have been heavily edited to make them look perfect and the people of the future will ask how did anyone believe that someone could look like this it is unreal, but only time will tell.


Whilst we're on the subject of celebrities photoshopping their imperfections out these days line through photos is done by editing using Photoshop to either erase or to add something to the image and making it look natural. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to tell what is real and what is fake on the internet, in my opinion, I would say take everything you say with a grain of salt. This is where lying in photography gets dangerous this is because when regular people go onto social media or see magazines with celebrities with smooth skin slim waists and perfect lips can make people feel less about themselves can cause others to go in a downward spiral of depression spending thousands upon thousands of pounds just to look just like their favourite celebrities when in reality everything is fake. They have an army of makeup artists hair stylists and personal trainers and if something isn't right in an image their pay the Editors to change this. Making it impossible for regular people to live up to these impossible expectations and shouldn't have to being Human means not being perfect we all have imperfections and shouldn't be ashamed of them. But because these celebrities get paid millions for advertising deals because they look this way it's a perpetual cycle of unhappiness. This is one of the ugly sides of photography.


Another dangerous technique used in lying through photography is photographing something out of context whether that is certain individuals or objects this one can be the hardest to disprove due to it not needing any editing but just taking a photo at the right time or at a certain angle sometimes this can be used for comedic effect like having someone's head as their pet dog but unfortunately some people do this to manipulate people into thinking of a group of individuals in a negative way or making them think that things are a lot worse than they seem. Quite recently France was having protests called the yellow jacket protests were citizens of France were protesting the increase of petrol and gas prices for cars this made many people take to the streets and make themselves heard as this continues some people use this as an excuse to behave violently and riot throughout the city. There were images circling around meteor that the rioters were setting fires in the city but other images were released of photographers taking pictures of small fires and making them seem larger than they really are.

This is where the line between the truth and false is hard to see do any way you would know for certain if you were there but the likeliness of you always been there to know the truth is highly unlikely. You wondering what can we do to prevent or to make sure we aren't manipulated and used. It's quite simple really be patient don't act out at the first sight of controversy wait until you hear from the other side and always consume your media with a grain of salt.